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July 22nd, 2013, 10:39
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
Yep. Umbra too. Joxer is definitely thinking of Morrowind.

And therein lies the problem of this article: Morrowind's list of features is identical to that of Oblivion. The only thing it's missing is the radiant AI, which was hardly revolutionary given how well the schedules in Gothic 1-2 worked.
Umbra was in Oblivion too.

Oh that Radiant AI hype. I saw that youtube video on RAI and that instantly made it my most-wanted "feature". I followed NPCs around in the game looking for signs of that same "radiance". They later said they had to "tone down" the features because of unexpected behavior but when I learned the mod tools to make my own, never-released (tankfully too as it was very dirty and buggy albeit functional and way better than vanilla's if i do say so myself), NPC behavior mod, I found out that that was just one big lie out to add to Bethesda's looong list. Shame on me for buying into the marketing and a lesson well learned.
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