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July 22nd, 2013, 22:38
Thanks Toff. I'll need to test it on as many devices as I can. Right now its strictly internal testing and a hand off to friends who have Androids handy. Of course, when you're developing you lose site of something is fun or not and you don't try things outsiders would consider. It can be really useful. One thing, for instance, is the first thing that people do when I give it to them is swipe the screen. I'm going to have to test that at some point to see if its feasible this late in development. I think it could be as simple as swipes triggering the tap events in place now.
Following up on Armor - I had a hard time getting motivated to do it this weekend but when I finally started on Sunday suddenly I don't want to stop.

Its been harder and easier than I expected in different ways.

First, let retreat back to the first page of this thread. I had said that I had planned to have combat different by giving different layers of armor going from shield to armor to base hit points and the weapon to have hit points as well. I had done a tech demo a few years ago in C where this was possible. What I didn't consider is the difficulty of it in inventory storage etc.

So far I've had combat with no armor - just weapons, hit points, death and one spell. Armor from this point adds hit points to the player. This weekend I got it to work.

The "simple" part was exchanging it in inventory. I already had weapons exchange working so it was a modification of that headache. The code is months old now so its a matter of remembering and figuring out how it was done and getting the monsters to drop their armor. That figured out and its persistence comes the real hard part I realized - Hit Points.

I tracked down a bug where the Tunic seems to have a 1hp - that was a pain. I'm still not sure where that's being generated but its best to find out rather than compensating for it. The big thing will be keeping track of the armor's current hit points when its exchanged or else the player will be able to cheat by hotswapping their armor at max.

Part of the solution methinks is to add a condition in the inventory persistence loop that checks if the inv item is armor and to save its current HP. To compensate for a new armor I think I'll need to add a flag so its stats aren't regenerated every time the player equips it. This is legacy thing that 's works for weapons - I may need to rewrite the code entirely. Its an issue that's part and parcel to child objects and lists. Grr. With enough time and coffee I think its solvable.

Then on to finish weapons. I basically need images there.

Then on to spells.

Put in the intro and finale and I've got a finished game.

Anything after that would be extra.
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