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July 23rd, 2013, 10:18
I like to get 1h expert (10 points) + 55 strength (45 points) + lockpicking, basic (10 points) + animal trophies (4 points) = 69 points in my first 7 levels. I also get +5 strength for free from one of the guys working the fields in the new camp, all that's needed is to convince him you'll use it to smack the Rice Lord.

I do this on every character, no matter their future specialization, as a character with that setup can always complete the game. After reaching that point, my future development depends on specialization:
- Mage: Only magic.
- Merc or Guard -> Merc: Strength to 100, followed by 2h expert + master (70 points total) from Lee as soon as possible. Then I go for crossbows and dex just for the sake of it.
- Templar: Strength to 80, followed by 1h master -> 2h expert + master. The reason is that Angar refuses to teach you 2h weapons until you master 1h. Lee does not have that restriction. After that I go for magic, as Templars can learn 4th circle, providing them with most major spells (healing, storm of fire, etc).

I have done this so many times by now there's really no reason to keep doing it, but ah well. I still replay it from time to time.
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