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July 23rd, 2013, 13:28
Yeah, but no one who played the superior Gothic 2 could possibly be even remotely impressed.
What? Gothic 2 was entirely scripted. That's the PB approach - and while I agree it was fantastic for immersion, it's not technically innovative in any way whatsoever.

It's just good and hard work.

So you have writing and an overall game world that is sub-par compared to Morrowind, 'Radiant' AI that is no better than a game released 4 years prior, enemy AI in a first person action game that was laughable compared to other first person games of the time, and combat that was a minor evolutionary step forward from the previous game.
No, I have a visually fantastic game that works wonders as an immersive open world game - if you're not looking for a hardcore RPG. It's perfect for casual/mainstream gamers looking to get their feet wet with the genre.

I have combat that's MUCH better and more visceral than Morrowind - ESPECIALLY if you enjoy playing a stealth/archer character, which just happens to be my favorite kind of character.

You have a great physics system that makes dungeons more interactive - and gives the whole tacticle feel a great boost.

You have radiant AI that's a significant step forward when it comes to world simulation - even with all the flaws.

You have a MUCH better streaming engine - even if it's still hugely inferior to FO3 and Skyrim. But Morrowind was awful compared to Oblivion.

One of the most powerful new features of Oblivion was the distant terrain - which made a GIGANTIC difference when it comes to sheer visual immersion. Very big deal if you're into that sort of thing - which I happen to be.

Then you had fully voiced NPCs for everything - which while suffering from too much repetition, is still a very significant step forward compared to wiki-style text-based dialogue from Morrowind.

You have one of the best written storylines of the entire TES series - called the Dark Brotherhood storyline. Fantastic stuff.

You have mounts that work quite well - and it's definitely the first FP RPG to have them working so well. A huge deal if you're an immersion freak.

Again, it was a game changer to a large audience - and for good reasons.




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