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July 23rd, 2013, 23:41
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I had those problems but solved it by turning my old PC into a sort of IPTV "decoder". It's complicated to set it up properly and to explain would be even more complicated as you have to pinpoint on which ports streams are being delivered.
By doing this, I can record anything I want and space is not the issue as in the PC is 500GB HDD. That PC is connected to my TV and I'm not using it for anything else any more. The only software you need to buy for this is ProgDVB (http://www.progdvb.com/ and IMO is really cheap) and then you need to waste hours, even days to find correct IP addresses and ports.
I do a similar thing, but much easier. Have an HTPC in my living room with a CableCard adapter (InfiniTV4) running Windows Media Center (Win 7). Only have a 120GB SSD in there, but it connects to my home server (ESXi 5.1 with WHS2011 Virtual Machine) that has 14TB of space (about 10TB of that is ripped DVD's, HD-DVD's and BluRays). Every night the recorded TV moves from the HTPC to the server. For the other TV's in the house, we use XBox 360s as media center extenders to watch anything that's been recorded or live TV.

As a DVR, its flawless, and for serial shows, we typically just record the entire season, then watch it all over two or three weeks. It's really a shame that MSFT didn't do more to promote their Media Center platform, because its easily the most verstile and best DVR software I've ever used, and this comes from a (former) long time user of Tivo.

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