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July 24th, 2013, 21:14
I think one of the problems is I have no patience for math anymore. I'm more prone to work it out with a computer.

There's two ways I could do this - do the math in Camp activity where the player exchanges inventory or do it in combat where I wouldn't need math, just a condition to first check the armor hit points then create a new variable for base hit points to widdle down after the armor reaches 0hp. That was the original premise for destructive equipment which I've since scrapped. Doing it that way however would still mean I need to track it in Camp and that's what I'm trying to avoid.

Funny this is the first I've seen your game even with your log on this thread. Is it text based? Did you get that VS 2008 issue resolved? I'm guessing you figured out how to embed the driver within the executable instead of depending on an external library.

Philosophical part (typical blog stuff):

One thing that surprises me is why no (few?) people haven't thought of this before: using armor to extend hit points and eliminating AC. In games like Call of Cthulhu hit points could rarely be increased so in D&D terms the player was always level 1 and (I think that was one of the factors why the d20 version wasn't that successful). Increasing hit points has always been a controversy but Gygax and co. explained it away as an abstraction. To Hit was brought in to get past Dave Arneson's Armor Class idea he brought over from ship based games.
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