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July 25th, 2013, 08:17
When was the last patch? This review seems like it's months late. Pretty sure I played it fully patched and felt like it could use more patching.

The main issue to me is that the game is horribly balanced (game starts off fun but eventually gets ludicrous in difficulty and limits your strategy, if you can call it strategy), the AI is pretty sad, and it gets old fighting 3rd rate 3rd world sleazeballs who somehow have accuracy that would put Olympic shooters to shame.

I played it enough to justify my purchase and could see replaying it again some day with one of the mods that changes how borked it flows.

Ultimately I think it could have been a solid game if it had been finished or patched a bit more. Sucks when devs make something that's almost there and leave it hanging. I could care less about modding but sometimes they can help these types of games, but even so, there's only so much modders can do without being able to rewrite/tweak core game code.

I'd love to see a JA game done with the XCOM:EU tactical engine and without so much of the console first design lameness. Actually, I'd like to see more XCOM:EU bits using the tactical engine with less overall suck, or any squad based setup using that engine. The tactical in XCOM:EU is slick but the linear story, lack of randomly created maps, and mediocre strategic layer somewhat kill replayability for that game.
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