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July 25th, 2013, 14:12
Just a few corrections: You get 7 points per level and there is a shoot until dead, shift- right click.

The biggest problem I have with it is the terrain. It was very painful figuring out which terrain is safe to shoot from behind - the only worthwhile defensive pieces in the game seemed to be the concrete barriers (makes sense) and garden hedges (not so much) everything else was pretty much worthless. If the game was turn based this wouldn't be a problem but real time it was very very frustrating.

The second biggest problem is the money issue. By the mid-game you have more money than you can spend. 200k for clearing a city. 1 million for finding a box of cereal (come on……).

The mechanics are also quite badly explained. I was struggling in the midgame (max difficulty + fog) until i figured out that you shouldn't actually aim in most scenarios as shooting from the hip is far faster until you get weapons like the G11 which fires at an acceptable rate in the crouch position. The sniper mechanics are big crappy with fog turned on as well as it pretty much makes it impossible to get a range shot in unless your using a spotter behind cover as once you have a target you can still keep shooting if you loose sight on them.

Overall I did actually like the game and I would maybe give it a 7/10. It's just sad that with a bit more love and turn based combat it could have been so much better.
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