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July 25th, 2013, 16:52
JA2 w/mods is probably my favorite single game ever and I can't imagine how many hours I've spent playing it back in the day. When BIA was announced and then quickly changed to this new system, people wondered who exactly the game was catering to? Turn-based tactical games have a cult following, really, which makes it tough to justify the expense of making one since there just isn't a huge audience willing to buy them. But then bitComposure went and even alienated the cult. Just an utterly baffling move to me. It was almost as if they wanted to make their own game, but also wanted to try and suck in a fanbase to guarantee sales by slapping the Jagged Alliance name on it.

I still haven't played it, which is really too bad since I'd guess there aren't many folks out there who loved the JA franchise as much as I did. If enough patches come out and fix it to the level where old school JA fans are beginning to enjoy it, I may purchase it despite "plan and go" (there were other changes I'm not a fan of, which is also why I haven't tried it). But until then, I'm hanging my hopes on the JA: Flashback kickstarter.
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