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July 26th, 2013, 11:41
Well, as much as I'm not entirely comfortable with it - I sort of agree with Joxer.

At least, I'm not at all impressed by these KS games so far, and Shadowrun is definitely not part of any golden age I can detect. It's really a somewhat trivial little game (albeit with a fantastic setting) - but it's great for casual gamers looking to see what RPGs might once have looked like, a little. It's one of the most barebones RPGs I've ever played - and that's saying something.

It really does look like most games are aimed at the "phone-people" - and I can but wonder what people are so excited about.

I'm looking forward to Divinity and Wasteland 2 (and others) - but I'm still waiting for a Kickstarter launch that matches the insane hype surrounding it.




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