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July 27th, 2013, 09:28
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
What does "deliver" mean for you? That it's as good or better than your favourits from the last decades? Yeah, that is unlikely.
I'm not after something better, just comparable. Good design decisions is the main thing I'm on the look out for.

Originally Posted by greywolf00 View Post
I think this is the key to a lot of the complaints about Kickstarter games. People seems to have massively inflated ideas about how much content will be delivered on such limited budgets. FTL has a lot of hours due to design, not due to content. RPGs cost so much more to develop than stuff like FPS, and Kickstarter projects are working on a fraction of what FPS are made with. I really don't think Kickstarter is capable of solely funding games with 40+ hours of gameplay that's oozing tons of reactivity, customization & depth.
I'm not after quantity of content. I don't want a 40+ hour rpg with state of the art graphics. I'm happy with 10 hours. It's priced at quarter of the price of a local game in my region - I factor that in as well. I do expect a solid UI and compelling campaign. I don't think anyone is throwing money at kickstarter campaigns for a below average experience.
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