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July 27th, 2013, 16:06
OK, progress report:
We (those that made the session and were able to stick around) knocked out the following level 6 content- (2) House K (ruined, forgotten cav), (4) House J (Redwillow, Mirra, Dead Pred, Valak), and (1) House D (bounty hunter).

Klubbir is about 25% thru the last rank of level 8, which I think is fairly typical of the rest of y'all.

Those of you that are behind should have a fairly easy time catching those quests up if time permits. Searing Heights will remain a 3rd lifer catch-up zone.

Looking forward, we'll probably spend at least some time on other toons next week. Aletys is out, but wants to be part of our Chrono raid. Content-wise, we've got a couple crappy House P bar quests we can run if we're bored (trolls and purge), but that's about it. Based on everyone's XP status, we could do Sorrowdusk outdoors to kill some time and get everyone ready to level if it makes sense. Otherwise, we run alts and get Devil Assault and Chrono the following week before levelling. I wouldn't be against pivoting back to our lvl18s (I'd bring RhoGu since Wouldii is capped) for a week as long as everyone still has a toon there and Punpun can find one amongst her horde.

Looking further forward, there's not a ton of content at level 7. We'll have Delera Q2-Q4, Gwylan, Tear, and the Sentinels chain. The good news is that there's a ton of XP in those few quests and there's a buttload of level 8 content we could under-level if we needed XP.
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