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July 27th, 2013, 18:59
I hear ya.

Even tho TB games do tend to put me to sleep, I really want a wh40K tb strat game. Maybe it will be the one that keeps me awake.

I play the tabletop wargame (in fact assembling 3 drop pods right now between posts) and I've been disappointed that everything that seems to be done for 40K videogame-wise has been real-time and not turn-based.

I'd like a full turn-based computer game, build and paint virtual army and go up against other players. Unfortunately, that will never happen. They need to keep selling boxes of 5 little plastic figures for 50.00 to people, and if people can play a computer version they may stop buying them altogether and go virtual.

Think about what a great racket Games Workshop, the makers of Warhammer 40K have. They pour plastic in a mold, then throw it in a box and ship it. No painting, no assembly, their customers really do all the hard work. And they still get to charge an arm-and-a-leg for their products!
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