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July 27th, 2013, 21:20
Heh, 3 weeks? That turned out to be more like 3 months. Even then "playable" has to mean "at least a 10% chance of getting through a game before it eats itself." It was a full YEAR before they issued the "End of Flesh" expansion and declared an all clear. Even then the game still had a lot of problems.

Now I've started playing the game six months after the expansion andů it's working! There are still some annoying bugs running around but they are just annoying. For the first time ever, I'm more interested in what enemies are going to attack me than what bugs I'm going to stumble into that are going to kill the game.

Forum posts are stating that the enemy AI is pretty weak. That could be. I've dumbed them down so I can spend time figuring out what I'm doing. That's a pretty long process with a game as big as this.
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