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July 27th, 2013, 23:44
Looks interesting but since it's designed for tablets, it's gonna be overly simplistic by default, and that, as always, is beyond annoying. As a PC gamer, I get sick of dumbed down and stripped down games because of designing for lesser/inferior platforms.

This game is also $30 to preorder on Steam right now and I'm not sure it's really worth it. Just watched a vid of it and it's very simplistic. Hard to say without evaluating the big picture but the dev doing audio compares the this game to XCOM:EU…dunno about that. It looks dramatically simplistic in comparison and XCOM:EU was stupidified enough for consoles itself. EU was also 50/60 but meh.

So many outstanding games have been coming out with lower price tags so $30 for what looks like an indie style title with ultra dumbed down gameplay suitable for tablets seems like a stretch.

It's somewhat sad for me. I'm an older gamer (45) and have been playing PC games since PC games existed and I've always said that I would never stop playing video games, but with MMOs continually getting more and more dumbed down and F2P being an abomination, and with so many PC games being weakened by console first or tablet design influences, the "PC gaming" industry itself might drive me away. I just have no interest in pay to win styles or ultra dumbed down/simplistic games.

I love turned based strategy and especially squad-based TBS but when you compare something like old XCOM, old JA, silent storm, or even the UFO games to something like this space hulk game, there is no real comparison. Space hulk is a coloring book compared to a masterpiece novel. Ultra simplistic vs depth and complexity. Simplistic games get boring immediately.

I hope the JA game this crew is putting together doesn't end up similarly moronified for tablets or other lame platforms only suitable for gaming when you can't access a real gaming platform, like a PC. Like I'll play on our iPAD when I'm travelling or something. Beyond that, I don't touch the thing, because it's a joke compared to a PC - and I have a brain - I don't need devices and platforms designed for idiots.
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