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July 28th, 2013, 16:53

Saw it during the Steam Sale, tried the demo, and instantly bought it. It's a very interesting concept imo. You're a freelance spy, with pants that allow you to jump really far/high (long falls don't kill you), who witnessed a murder next door. You are essentially the prime suspect as the building next door has you on camera in the building when the murder happened. The goal is to unravel the mystery, the main quest line splits into 2 factions.

The missions require you to break into buildings to hack computers to wipe data/planet data/steal data. This requires breaking through computerized security systems while eluding/incapacitating/killing guards. Missions are basically puzzles; how can I get to xxx and which is the best way to go about it? Some of the later puzzles are very well put together and a few times I found myself sitting there pondering how to attack the problem.

There's a very limited upgrade system (3 upgradable abilities, and maybe a dozen skills to purchase). Biggest complaint is the lack of content, 2 hours tops. The Dev has expressed an interest in adding Steam Workshop support. I think it's absolutely worth checking out the demo but, I doubt most people will see value in it outside the bargain bin.
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