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July 28th, 2013, 22:36
Originally Posted by Gloo View Post
I bet you've never heard or played Rites of war. IMHO that one was the best W40K ever done.
Actually no, that one must have slipped under my radar. Which is weird because I platyed alot more games back then than I do now (because of lack of time, not interest…).

It sounds intriguing, and you play as my favourites (The Eldar), so I'll see if I can remedy my unexperience with the game. Doesn't seem to be sold anymore, so I guess I'll go with pirating, although it's not my way to go if I can choose.

…downloading now, looks great. A bit like Fantasy general right?

One of the reasons I prefer 40k to The Fantasy version is the Eldar, they're dark, scary, and cool as hell. The Elves in the Warhammer Fantasy universe are just…well, standard high fantasy elves. A bit boring no? Thanks for the tip Gloo.
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