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July 29th, 2013, 16:08
Originally Posted by wolfgrimdark View Post
I started getting Elk Antlers. They naturally shed from the animals so they don't have to be harmed and all natural.


So far the new puppy and the older dog really love them. You can get ones split with more access to marrow. They sometimes tussle over them. I like that they have no mess, good for teeth, have a variety of nutrients that are good for dogs, and they don't splinter or smell.
Major necro bump, but we finally switched to the antlers a couple months ago. Annabelle loves them!

And no post in this thread would be complete without mor pics, so here we go

Had to do some emergency dog sitting today. We'd never had another dog in the house before, so I was kind of curious how Annabelle would react. Definitely helped that it was Sally, who's pretty much her best friend, but you never know. They pretty much just chewed on each other for about two hours:

The epic 'Battle of the Couch":

Queen of the couch!

Death from above!

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