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Default Who wants to make an indie rpg ?

July 29th, 2013, 18:21
Im searching memembers into my team!
All i want to do is make an RPG, my only conditions is:
I want to make the graphics, 2D hand drawn no pixel art or 3D rendered.
What i need: someone who is skilled in programming and wants to make a JRPG.
The ideal person would be who's skilled in c++.
I already started some projects but the results are:
RPG maker is out of the question, i want to use my drawings.
Game maker is good but its just too much for it, the size is too big and the loading time is too long you cant make an RPG in that and thats why the c++ knowledge would be the best.
About me : i do not have any knowledge about programming.
Im open to many ideas although i have tons of RPG game ideas and i have to tell you they are definitely worth a shot.BUT i want to make a hand drawn JRPG so much, if there is someone who has the skill to programming a 2D JRPG but he only work in team if i have to make his story, then okay im in.
The music can be made by me since i can made it fine, more or less but thats an another story, programming is the most important question here.

About my skills you can check my videos about 2 JRPG idea of mine here:
( keep in mind they are just "prototypes" they are far from the final )
first game idea, hand drawn:
second game idea, not hand drawn:

okay they are just 2 of my ideas i already started but as i said i have more ideas and im open to any new.
Anyway, if someone wants to make those 2 , i will be happy to continue them but as i said not in game maker it cant make such a game.

Just in case you can contact me here also:
[email protected]
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