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July 29th, 2013, 19:11
Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
I love Skyrim - think it's one of the best RPGs ever made.

I almost never care for mods for games though.

I look thru list of "must have" and blah blah mods for Skyrim and zero of them appeal. But that's modding - some people love the stuff - I don't.

I tried a few UI mods to deal with the lame as hell console-influenced pile of shit that is the Skyrim UI on PC and they didn't work for me much better.

IMO, as a developer, there is a reason why professional developers create the games to begin with, and why the amateurs are doing mods, and this almost always manifests itself what gets created.

There are exceptions. But, in general, mods don't match or improve the quality of games vs what the pros and original designers do in the first place - to me at least. Ie, if the modders could create games, instead of hacking other people's creations, then they would be developers, but they are not. /shrug

For some, the modding scene extends games for them - and that's great. Doesn't really work for me.

For some, modding IS the game and doing this wannabe development is more fun for them than actually playing, and that's great too.
That was pretty much my attitude on modding for most of my gaming life. Then in December 2012 I decided what the heck … and started playing with Mods and ENB's. I was a diehard "vanilla" game player. Now I can't imagine playing Skyrim without an ENB or Mods.

Most of my mods are textures - which are way better than the developers textures. Also things like the console tend to limit how far you can push the game. For me modding and ENB made Skyrim reach the full potential of a PC game.

Some of the immersion mods are also amazing and completely bug and trouble free. Anyhow I understand the view point of vanilla gaming having been there … but having given MODS and ENB a good chance, and months of work I admit (takes a long time to build a good solid mod list and not all the most popular mods are the best … often you have to to really try a lot) there is no turning back to me.

Course it depends on the game. I have tried mods, since December, for other games and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Skyrim has some excellent modders and ENB creators though. Many of them have the same professional polish and execution as the developers. In a few cases I think they are better.
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