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July 29th, 2013, 19:48
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As you said, there absolutely are exceptions. Derek "Kael" Paxton manged to turn his Fall From Heaven Civ 4 mod into a lead developer role for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress. He's since been promoted to VP at Stardock. But, as you mentioned, the good mods are far less common than the bad ones.
In my opinion the WW 1&2 mods of Civ4 was much better but only get published as an extension and as far I know didn't provided to the author a job in game industry.

But to take sources further in past, few mods authors for Doom get hired by id software, I don't remember if it was for Doom 2 or Quake.

NWN1 had more than a couple of mods that was at top level from any point of view including some about the emotional aspect and gameplay elements.

Realmz also had some "mods" no free but from single man, and for some I have still to see a similar achievement in some design points in RPG of game indutry. But in that case the author had already a well established job and wasn't looking for another.

But Elder Scroll series tend too much to generate tools and modifications more than pure creation. I noticed the recent hype about Falskaar mod for Skyrim that could a counter example for the series, ie a really creative mod.
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