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July 29th, 2013, 18:56
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
There are so many junk entries on Steam Workshop which means modders conquered a junkyard, not a game.
When a game tool is popular it is always generating ton of crap, but also it is generating gems and a fans population able to identify and highlight most of them among the mass.

That said, my opinion on modding isn't very high, I get too often the feeling it's modifications from players the think design better a game than the original designers.

I agree it can happen and have some distance with original creation can help, a distance that didn't had original game designers, plus some talents can happen to be at work in mods. But in general modifications are more like parasites, and tools mods and just useful. Purely creative mods are much more interesting but it's rare.

Myself I'd say, the only important and impressive modding communities/achievement was Doom 1&2, NWN1, Realm Z (but is paid mods still mods?), HoMM3, Warcraft 3, Civ4 but only very few major, and nothing else.
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