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July 29th, 2013, 20:15
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Mine lies on her back like that too. Dogs seem to love that.
Mine sleeps like that as well. It is a sign that they trust you, because in that position they are very vulnerable.

We bring Boo-Boo to the groomer every 2 months. I went the first time we brought him, but the past year or so only my wife goes and she drops him off. I decided to go for the ride yesterday. ( I am disabled, not lazy, that's why I don't go too often )
Anyways we get there and bring him in. I put him on the floor and he makes a bee line to a drawer in her kitchen and barks and yips like crazy. The groomer, Renee, starts laughing. She then tells me that is where she keeps the dog treats!! She asks if Boo-Boo is a chow hound. I tell her you have no idea. This dog LOVES to eat. He loves the usual (hamburger, cheese, turkey, etc.) but he goes crazy over Frosted Flakes, bagels (with cream cheese), and pizza!! Of course he gets very little of it, but he will happily take all he can get.
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