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July 29th, 2013, 20:27
Baldur's Gate modding was the inspiration for NWN. The overhauls on that game created huge player made expansions and ideas that Bioware borrowed. Ditto for NWN - problems such as capes, robes, free cameras, and databases were all solved by modders. Additionally they solved bugs in spells (I even contributed to that) and NWN2 implemented my suggestion of proper GUI controls to replace listeners. Other added controls included admin controls, functions based on player typed console controls, NPC scheduling and improved AI, etc. In many cases the developer didn't bother with their own version because the modder's version was so much better (ie. the database).

I'm very eager to see what can happen with Shadowrun Returns. I was in chat with a modding community yesterday and they were figuring out all sorts of workarounds.

Let's never forget Half Life: Counterstrike and DotA. If you want to go even earler how about Ultima, Telengard, and Rogue - all games that started off as mods or clones of DnD.
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