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July 29th, 2013, 21:30
It doesen't sound like a successor for RoA for me - there are fixed companions, and they are all in morally grey colors; the emphasis seems to be challenging combat to the point where every combat may be a puzzle - I have seen one battle where it was important to lure the enemies under a candelabra and then let it crash on them, another one where it was important to free prisoners, who would tip the scales of the battle; I fear it will be more like a tactical Adventure then a RPG
Especially if you keep the already produced games of the developer in Mind (Adventures).

Edit: What I have heard about the Companions isen't that bad at all - a dwarf with anger-management problems and a Half-Elf who is so torn between her different bloodlines (TDE-Elves are much more like a cross between LOTR-Elves and ancient Fey then the "just-better-human"-Elves of D&D) that she has to use hard drugs just to carry on her day-to-day live.
Half drunk is wasted money.
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