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July 29th, 2013, 22:06
Well ok modifications, fixes, tools, that's what appreciate many players enjoying mods like in Elder Scroll series. And ok designers along time admitted those modifications of their games was making it better, I do hope there wasn't too much demagogy and marketing behind these words. Ok fine, but most often I have finish play the game when those mods really bring more (I didn't even finished Skyrim). And they are far to be enough to push me replay the game.

I did try very late Morrowind mods and honestly the most famed didn't improved enough the combats to make it significantly better, better than vanilla but still weak overall.

Mods that are totally new creations are different and because of the mods structures in the ES series such mods has always been burdened. But yeah that's just my own feeling and I know that many other players have a different point of view.
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