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July 30th, 2013, 02:27
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post

When you look at a game like Legend of Grimrock - with a small team of ~4 people or whatever, it's really odd to see 30 people on the Shadowrun team.
That's rude, a first point is you contradict yourself when you highlight Grimrock, you was reproaching dev to be lazy or not enough hungry and reproduce the same models. But you highlight what's a deliberate and assumed but still a clone. I don't say Grimrock isn't great that's for me the best RPG release that year, but you was contradicting yourself.

The second point is comparing both is like comparing rocks and apples. Grimrock is about 1% of the size of SRR on many points, text and dialogs, graphics, diversity of environment, number of items. The classes and skills in Grimrock isn't more than 10% than what's in SRR. Now SRR has problably 1% of puzzles in Grimrock.

I mean Grimrock is a wonderful achievement but it's still a direct clone and not many RPG can use such low resource approach.
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