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July 30th, 2013, 02:54
Originally Posted by greywolf00 View Post
Yes, the short dev cycles is also a concern to me. Not at all surprised to see WL 2 pushed back, I honestly wasn't expecting it before early 2014. I was really glad when Obsidian was talking about 2014 from the beginning with Project Eternity. I really think what hurt SR:R was the combination of the dev cycle and budget + team size. The biggest expenses in running a business is wages and overhead. When they jumped from 8 people to 30 they massively increased their wage bill (1.2m / 8 lasts a hell of a lot longer than 1.2/30) and had to get a new office, and more hardware I'm sure. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the 8 person team was targeting an 18 month dev cycle, and the 30 man team managed a 12 mo. one. I think they failed to hit the proper balance in dev time and costs.
It's clear that have more time and less people is more efficient in any way you look at it. The problem is if really the kickstarter could have been push back of one more year?

Obviously there's a problem to manage a kiskstarter that jump quite further than the initial sums planned.

That said you are all spitting on a game I feel very very attaching and it is growing. Ha well it's not a perfect game, but I doubt many KS will achieve as well, the save problem is important for whiners and for modders but it's a detail. The game is too short but not many CRPG has so few fillers and not many KS will sell that low on release, a game like TL2 is exceptional I'm not sure it will become the rules and anyway all big KS don't follow the model and use boxes and collector boxes in their model.

How many really played it before "spite" on it? It's not a major release but I won't exchange it against Skyrim.
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