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July 30th, 2013, 03:13
Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
IMO, as a developer, there is a reason why professional developers create the games to begin with, and why the amateurs are doing mods, and this almost always manifests itself what gets created.

There are exceptions. But, in general, mods don't match or improve the quality of games vs what the pros and original designers do in the first place - to me at least. Ie, if the modders could create games, instead of hacking other people's creations, then they would be developers, but they are not. /shrug
Most mods don't match or improve quality, I agree. But that's just the numbers thing here same as I'd say most games, movies, books, shows aren't good. But there are some really talented modders out there some of whom are at least a match for the professionals who only need the opportunity to show it.

Some mods are really must-haves or greatly improve the game. Some of us here complain about the dumbing down of games that don't deliver the gameplay level we expect. While devs are constrained to do that for accessibility or economic purposes, modders are free to make a game as complex as they want.

In Oblivion, Oscuro did away with the atrocious level scaling. The fact that Bethesda hired him and abandoned OB scaling in favor of something like the "amateur" modder did in their future games says that modders can and do improve the quality of the vanilla game. UI mods helped me play without spending most of my time scrolling down in menus because vanilla only let me see a few items at a time.

I think perhaps you just haven't had the pleasure of being exposed to the really great mods out there (speaking of gameplay, not mere cosmetic or content mods, which btw are really great and many are better than vanilla). Most of the time when I see posts about people being against mods, they think mods are about nudity or cheating. I wouldn't play any Bethesda game unmodded now and just consider them game editor makers. Since after OB, I only play vanilla to see what mods I need to play the game.
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