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July 30th, 2013, 11:18
Double Fine Adventure:
My first time ever on the KS website because of the amount of press and hype this project got. Ended up backing it in the last few hours just to be part of history.

Wasteland 2:
More my kind of game, though not knowing InXile very well and not having played the first Wasteland, a part of me backing it was to keep the ball rolling since rumors had it that Obsidian was looking into creating their own kickstarter project.
That being said, after having watched their 17 min pre-alpha gameplay video, this project has become number 1 for me at this point.

Project Eternity:
Definitely my most excited Kickstarter project when they launched it. Really wanted Obsidian to make one and happy that they did.

Torment: Tides of Numenera:
Was a bit hesitant on this one. I love PS:T but I feel like this might be the most difficult of the projects to turn out well. Just because so much is based on the writing and a weird setting which can be great but can also fail.
I am also worried if I, 15 years after PS:T came out, would still have as much fun on such a game as the younger me.

Backed a movie project aswell.
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