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July 30th, 2013, 18:56
Oh, this will be good.

And then there are people whose world doesn’t seem to extend much further than five feet from their nose. The kind of people who not only voted for, but campaigned for EA to be voted the worst company in America. Twice. Seriously, guys?
Seems pretty fair to me to go after any company that forces me to play games like the sims online and has almost literally killed everything I love in life, every game company and series worth a damn. Pretty pathetic apologizing, to defend EA. That's exactly the kind of company that list is made for.

I’m not the kind of loudmouth Phil Fish.
And yet we get 3 of these tedious blog posts a week on the front page of every rpg news site….

But the negative aspects – the death threats, the constant hate, the verbal attacks – got to be too much. So he quit. Maybe forever, maybe just long enough for the hate to die down so he can settle back into just making games.
Ok so looks like what he said was japanese games suck. Publicly and loudly. Sounds like he was pandering to the indie crowd and it backfired. Not sure what else he expected.

From the sound of it I thought it was tards attacking him for political beliefs much like with cleve. That I can sympathize with, this seems pretty much like justice.

You should be able to think japanese games suck, and probably most people who like rpgs do think that. But saying it at a vidya games conference is just…..

And it goes both ways! Seriously. Just ‘cuz you are the creator of a game, or just because you’ve got a lot more followers on Twitter, or are the admin on some forum, does not give you some sort of divine right to be a jackass. Treat everybody with respect. Sure, you can ban / block / ignore those within your field of influence if they are perpetual trolls.
I don't think trolls are a real problem, the real problem is games suck. Big budget games suck because they pander to least common denominator and the people funding them are MBA rejects who couldn't make it in a real job, and small games suck because they have no budgets to make anything decent.

If you have a game like mass effect full of sex scenes and blithering retardation it's only natural to ridicule it. As far as I'm concerned the system is working when developers can't just reach into the stream of the internet and get free asskissing and publicity.

They generally are not upset about alleged death threats but that people point out what's wrong with their games.
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