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July 30th, 2013, 19:29
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
You're the first person I've heard say they've played Shadowrun, but not finished it.
Sorry about the misplaced modifier confusion

I never rush through games. When everyone was finishing Dishonored in 20 hours it took me 40. Same with Gothic 4 (Arcania) I got in 50 hours. I got in over 300 hours in Skyrim without touching the civil war and barely biting on the main quest.

Shadowrun has unique circumstances in that there is no save game. The game saves when you enter a new area. Thus whenever I enter a new area I quit. And since my gaming time is limited. I typically play after work and after family time. I'm pretty tired by then and I can't afford to wander around and then start all over again due to not making the save location. Hence once I reach it, I'm done for the night. Haven't gotten very far but I will probably make a lot of progress this weekend.

But back to topic. I played some of the original ROA games and loved their depth. It was weird at the time to scrounge for food while you were camping. And death came in many flavors (fighting, illness, hunger etc). One of the things I did not like was the lack of progression - growing up on Might and Magic I loved being level 44 something. But I think I only got as high as level 8 in the ROA games. I was really looking forward to a contemporary take on the games.

as i said before, I hope they get it together
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