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July 31st, 2013, 01:21
well, game maker made a brilliant job what rpg maker couldnt done but its just too much, im using 1440 x 900 pictures and even if i reduce them to lower ( above 640x 480 ofcourse ) the game size still would be enormous.
I almost done nothing and its loading forever so my 12 hours gameplay plan is just not for this programm. I need millions of gifs-sprites-backgrounds and musics so if game maker has a problem at the start, i dont think later it will be better…
Anyway the one who helped me ( Kaptajne david ) made an awsome work its very good during the play and he could make most of my ideas but the engine is not strong enough. I need an engine which can run my whole game without any problem and can be edit "easly" ( not by me, for me even game maker is impossible).
I know about unity engine and yes seems like it would be the best but i have nothing common with scripting/ programming i would never be understand that unfortunately.Im not saying i dont want to understand it, but even to use the resource kit you mentioned i will have problems and even if i can learn it from tutorials, my hair would turn into gray untill i can use the lessons.Im an artist all i want to do is to draw and then check the outcome at a test.But if you say so there is a community related to indie teams in unity then i definitely give it a shot. thanks!
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