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July 31st, 2013, 02:32
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
I think that SSR has more similar combat to Xcom than any other game in recent years so comparison makes sense…
Well among very popular games I don't see many. The comparison is valid but the result is very different. The overall feeling is that XEU generates a lot more tension but SRR is a lot more fluid, quite more diversified and quite more mobile.

The main differences could be:
- Many breakable stuff in XEU (I'll forget the problem of those that are illogically unbreakable) that is definitely generating some dynamism and tension.
- More healing possibilities and more overall resistances makes less fragile the SRR party. For sure that point increases tension in XEU but also it opens more freedom and ability to take risks in SRR.
- Enemies are also dying less fast in general in SRR, typically there's a side effect of enemies dying fast in XEU it's skills like mark an enemy are difficult to use.
- There's many more possibilities in SRR, for example spell that increase by 2 the number of action rounds in a turn (in each round you can move or shot, it's AP in SRR but that's not the AP of XEU) during few turns, spell healing only the last injury, summons, spells that slowdown, different mark abilities, many spells support or buffers, and so on.
- There many close range possibilities in SRR, not just the shotgun, there's even a specialization with sort of spells or skills just for close range, stuff like roundkick, disarm and more.
- In SRR when you specialize in some long range weapons you get special actions. the possibilities are much more limited in XRU but you have the ability to spend more action points to aim better.
- In SRR each character can carry 6 (or 6?) items even if many mercenaries hired won't carry as many it's still a lot more than in XRU.

The result is very different in term of rhythm, mood and tension. But it makes sense to compare them. One important point is I also felt the commands much more fluid in SRR, not sure why, probably because you can shot and move or move and shot and roughly mid game you get a third action, plus you can increase them. Also there's no Action of Opportunity, or Action Reflex in SRR it makes moving more easy but some players criticize this choice.

And a final element is perhaps SRR underevaluated a bit the difficulty level, but I haven't tried yet the highest difficulty.
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