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July 31st, 2013, 02:48
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
StrategyInformer has posted their review for Shadowrun Returns.
Solid review, I agree that see SRR as an XCom Cyberpunk is a bit wrong. In my opinion he didn't quote some important points:
- The numerous possibilities to do something in different ways and those choices can be influenced by your class and skills, few time your race.
- The numerous dialogs options and not all are pure role play but also involves a few local change. It's far to be neutral even when it's pure role play, because it makes think.
- The influence of touch controls, making the game obviously touch ready but also having few unusual interface design that can be a lot of troubles if you glue to try classical PC controls, for example most drag&drop actions are click&click, or there's no or not much use of different cursors to inform about states/actions.
- Area aren't pure combats like Xcom. There's elements exploration, some area are without combats and involve few search and puzzles but also tricks to find and exploits even in combats, it's not top, items are highlighted and it's too rare but it's still significant.
- Unlike games like XCom all area are setup, are different, each combat is designed, only few area are reused when the story justify it. That makes a huge difference between either too many fillers in many CRPG either too many reuse like in a game as Xcom.

EDIT: About the review, quote Deus Ex (no matter which one) as open world example, is quite big, even for the first.
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