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July 31st, 2013, 04:25
Originally Posted by borcanu View Post
It should reward you for killing people, it should reward your every decision
Sure, you may wish that you hadn’t killed off certain NPCs because you’ll lose whole swathes of gameplay… but that’s your choice… and bad decisions should result in consequences, not rewards. If you would prefer an on-the-rails RPG, look elsewhere… there are plenty to choose from. Besides, you won't miss anything… Just play as a good guy, making the best possible choices; Then as a murderous thug on your second playthrough, killing everything that moves.

I remember after Ultima 7 was released, some guy on the Origin BBS boasted about killing every NPC in the game, and dumping their bodies into one room. Why would someone do such a thing? Who cares… it was great that the game allowed the player that kind of freedom; Wasteland 2 sounds like that type of game. Bring it on!
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