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July 31st, 2013, 16:46
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
Depends what you mean by fundamentals. EU 4 has refinements and new ideas associated with making the impact of decisions more visual - rather than moving sliders around and not being able to gauge what you are impacting, which makes Vicky 2 so hard to get into, for instance.
Frankly, I haven't followed EU4 that closely. I gave up after Hearts of Iron 3 - which was a huge mess upon release.

I've played 5-6 Paradox games - and though I recognise some evolution - I think it's shamelessly minor.

Then again, I'm not exactly their biggest fan.

I really appreciate the model that Paradox and Stardock have adopted of progressively refining their ideas, and deepening the gameplay. Would very much like to see other companies adopt a similar approach, rather than the fire and forget approach most adopt with their games. What's also good is that they firmly target gamers who aren't afraid of a little complexity rather than dumbing down their games to try and appeal to everyone.
Stardock isn't putting the same game out over and over, though. Well - I suppose you could count Fallen Enchantress - but given its dismal launch failure (Elemental) - it kinda makes sense that they're trying to make up for it.

You like Civ games, which is fine, but that formula has hardly changed since Sid's original. In fact I'd probably rather play Civ or Alpha Centauri to many of the newer releases, which add little to the gameplay from my POV.
I'm not a particularly big fan of Civ games - I just think they're better than EU games.

But that's ok.

I think the Civ fomula is largely intact - but in terms of everything else - there is a lot more evolution and refinement present in each new Civ iteration. They also look and move very differently at the core, which gives each of them their own unique flavor.

Just look at how Civ 5 moved from stacks to single unit per tile - and moved to an entirely new hex-based map. The game is really very different from Civ 4 in several fundamental ways.

Then again, they're bigger and they're not releasing a new game every 3-6 months.

To each his own and all that.




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