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Default Character build woes, please help!

July 31st, 2013, 18:47
I'm a new to this series, never played Divine Divinity or Beyond Divinity.

I want to play as a melee fighter and a summoner simultaneouly, with some small handy magic like healing. So I play melee along with a summoned undead, and I must say if it was not for him, I'd be getting my arse kicked hard. Loot that gave me magic missile helped a lot, too.

Which stats should I put points into? I chose strength and vitality, but also spirit for a bigger mana pool. Is it correct to think that magic stat for stronger magic is useless to my playstyle? I don't plan to use any spells except summoning, well, maybe occasionally, so their damage values shouldn't be important.

Which skills should I put points into? Somehow lock-picking hijacks a lot of skill points, but I can't calmly walk by a locked chest in an RPG game. I really want to develop the priest's undead monster and dragon slayer's sword skill for more damage, but if I do that, then there'll be no points for those many warrior perks. I'm confused.
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