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July 31st, 2013, 19:47
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The Religion Controversy

I've got no idea what the fuss was about with all these reports about how the game might be offensive to Christians. Uhh, no. The prophet Comstock may have started as a Baptist but he's clearly running a personality/nationalism cult. You'll find statues of saint Washington, saint Jefferson, and of course Comstock himself all over but good luck finding a single cross.
Wow, I didn't even think about it… Read all about it. it's quite disturbing to think that someone would go so far against fiction (that is as good as IRL if I may add; I used to be a christian as well… started involuntarily like most of them)

A great comment:
I find it amusing that he would find a mock baptism more of a problem than the countless acts of murder he would have been very willing to cope with. This is personally something I find backwards about some people's religious beliefs. In my eyes murder is many times worse than blasphemy. The one is a breach of contract between you and a deity (in any case a very debatable offense), the other is an irreversible act against another mortal being, which isn't debatable in the slightest.
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