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July 31st, 2013, 20:54
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
As for the lack of stacking in recent Civ games. That's a step in the wrong direction, from a strategy POV because it increases micromanagement of battles; and it's a very gamey mechanism that has nothing to do with simulation. That is certainly something I'd hate to see in Paradox's grand strategy games. Besides that is hardly a "fundamental" innovation, since it's just totally obvious you can stack or not… Hex based maps are as old as war games are…
Well, I'm not saying that Civ 5 changes are better for YOU - but they result in a DIFFERENT game.

I consider hex-based and non-stacking significant changes - but I can't really do anything about you not agreeing with me.

I'm not saying hex-based gaming is new - but it's certainly new in Civilization.

I haven't said anything about Civ 5 being "new" - just different from other Civ games.




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