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August 1st, 2013, 00:31
Luckily for me I started playing Paradox games after they were perfectly playable. Rome already had the first (and only) expansion so if it was buggy on release, I didn't get that. After that I played EU3 "Complete" (first 2 or 3 expansions included), and it played beautifully, then I got the following expansions which just made an awesome game 'awesomer'. After that I got Sengoku, which wasn't my cup of tea but was perfectly fine at release. Then the pure gold that is CK2, not a single bug except for imbalances here and there at release, and with each major DLC just kept getting better and better. And now EU4.

On the other hand, I did try HoI3 after a bunch of expansions, think it was a Steam "HoI 3 gold" or something, but that game crossed the threshold of complexity for my taste, too much for my feeble mind. Also tried Victoria 2, and it didn't have any bugs or anything, but I much prefer the medieval era over the industrial revolution, so it didn't click for me.
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