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August 1st, 2013, 05:27
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Rune you can stop if it with the passive aggressiveness you display toward me. I get you don't like me. It's mutual.

And Lucky Day I'm sorry I missed your email. I started posting other news and forgot about it. You can remind me by a personal message also. I always get those and post the news from them..
I'm going to point out that this little overreaction you did to a simple little comment has caused some angst, and it wasn't supposed to.. Very often you see a lot of comments on this site how we should or shouldn't post a news story because it isn't RPGish enough. I guess I should have posted a with it then it wouldn't have got everyones panties in a bunch. It was meant to be a tongue in cheek jab at how many on this site view shadowrun as not RPGish enough.

For the record I don't dislike you at all, I'm not sure why you got that impression. Should I treat what you say differently then everyone elses? I guess I will continue on posting on things and you can continue on disliking me, we don't have to like everyone.
If you don't stand behind your troops, feel free to stand in front.
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