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August 1st, 2013, 10:25
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Well, I liked the Shandril series by Ed Greenwood; first 2 are much better than the last. His Elminster series is OK. Again, the first few books are better than the later ones.
I read Spellfire years ago. Seem to remember that I really enjoyed the characters, especially the knights of myth drannor. I didn't realise it was a series - maybe i'll give it another go 20 years on!

Just finished Emphyrio by jack vance, another SF novel. It starts with the main character tied to a slab with his skull open and electrodes pinned to his brain - he's then questioned by three guys with clearly nasty intent. He gives his name, falsely, as Emphyrio. The book then tells the story of the man's life and how he came to be in such a shoddy situation.

It's a great opening, and I was totally hooked on it from there in. The novel is very slow paced, with loads of time spent on the main characters childhood with his wood carving father, but the characters are fantastic and their world is extremely well thought out and compelling. There are some great ideas in here too, such as the puppet show that uses little alien creatures, who get lead roles in tragic plays with real death scene conclusions when they start becoming aware of what they're doing. Everyone seems to know this, but its so normalized that no one questions it.

Of course, all the way through the book you have the opening scene in mind so you're waiting for it all to go wrong…. Recommended!
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