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August 1st, 2013, 10:43
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
If you have a battle system that is a mini game in itself, with a rule system that has little bearing on the political and economic situation, then it devalues those aspects of the game. The allies won the second world war, not because of the genius of generals such as Patton, but because of the vast resources of Russia and the industrial might of the United States (not to mention blunders in the German High Command). There was some strategy involved, of course, but at the high level of a grand strategy game the decisions you should be making are high level ones, to do with the movement and logistics for whole armies over the entire globe, not having to micromanage individual units in real time.
You can't underestimate the importance of tactics in a wargame - that's not reasonable.

I agree that EU and games of a similar scope should focus on the higher strategic level - but that doesn't mean it's ok that the combat system is abstract, intangible and boring. If it's not entertaining, then just don't have it - change it - or omit it entirely.

If you're going to have a combat system - and whether you like it or not, warfare is actually quite a significant aspect of EU, and lots of players enjoy the gameplay of fighting other nations - you should take care that it's entertaining.

A good example is how Dominions 3 handles war - because that game is similarly massive in scope as EU. You can delve into war if you care to - and you can focus on setting up your army in reasonable detail - but you don't actually have to spend much time on it at all, if you have no interest in it.

That's a good system where everything is quite tangible and visible. You SEE what's happening and you're never in doubt about where your units are and what they're doing.

As for WW2:

Yes, the war was inevitably lost after the battle of Stalingrad - but there's no denying the MASSIVE impact of the German Blitzkrieg and superior tactics during the first years of the war. There are countless examples of how brilliant tactics turned the tides of war - even if it was only temporary.

If having more resources is all that matters - then most EU games would be decided long before they ended, which would be boring.

In HoI3 - you have the ability to turn things around by using fewer units better than those who have more units. That way, you'll acquire more resources and you will eventually turn things around, if you keep at it.

So, pretending that tactics aren't vital is a very big mistake. Tactical ability is ESSENTIAL unless everything is unquestionably doomed from the beginning - which was definitely NOT the case for Germany in WW2.

A game like HoI3 needs a satisfying tactical layer to uphold the standards of a wargame - which is basically what it is. The entire game revolves around an ongoing world war and there's no way to get around that.




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