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August 1st, 2013, 09:50
Weird thread. I could read recently that old school gaming was about retaining what was good in the old school games etc Yet now improvement over several iterations is condemned… Go figure.

Many games can not be done right or extensively in one go. Paradox build on the same structure but they add substantial improvements every time. Improvements that could not be done the first time.

If you want a game that is released every year, that provides little to no improvement over the previous iteration, that is the football manager series.

Good to see that this site is turning more and more to wargaming as so many posters here are actually wargamers labelling themselves RPGers…

Originally Posted by cptbarkey View Post
Its not a game, its rolling dice ten thousand times.

Strange opinion as rolling dice should be a must have for players who insist for their turn based games. Turn based games (actually the turn sequence UGOIGO) do so much for randomness. Randomness is the essence of the UGOIGO sequence…
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