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August 1st, 2013, 11:01
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
As I stated like to see more options for combat in EU games.I don't won't fully active combat like in total war series(which don't get me wrong is good series)but some small options like synchronization of attacks from multiple provinces(present in HoI 3)would be good imo.Option for manual position divisions in march of eagles(last game in Clausewitz engine I can recommend it to people trying to get in Paradox grand strategies ) was nice but it required some knowladge of how warfare of that time worked.
Well, maybe I'm not the right person to comment - because I don't like the abstract nature of Paradox games in general.

I think it's a concession given the small team and the necessity of re-using a very, very old engine for everything they do. Ok, they've made it much more visually appealing over the years - but the core is more or less identical.

I don't think they WANT the game to be that abstract - and fans defending it deserve a good dose of scepticism. Certainly, I don't think there are that many people who actually prefer the abstract over the tangible.

But but, as for the combat system - I think it would be wise to implement something like Dominions 3.

As in, you setup tactics and unit formations BEFORE combat - and you create "armies" of which you don't have to have all that many. Then you depend on the AI during battles - but you don't actually have to witness anything. You can basically skip the entire ordeal of warfare if you so desire.

But you COULD delve into it in detail - and go crazy with tactical setups and what not. Well, you could if they implemented such a system - and that would be a happy compromise.

I could go on about the awful unit movement system in EU (not sure if EU4 is different) - but ever since the first EU (yes, I've played CK2 as well) - they've been using that awful system where units don't actually visibly move - they just have arrows pointing to their destination. Battles also tend to end without you knowing the details - and your army is just fleeing to another area - and it can be hard to see the big picture amidst everything.

I think the entire system needs a total re-write - but again, I'm not their target audience - and I'm not one to enjoy the same game over and over again.




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