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August 1st, 2013, 12:12
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
On the contrary, I think they fully intend a level of abstraction, In fact that's the whole point of grand strategy games - you aren't concerned with the details of what every member of your population is doing. This is the main problem with the Civ genre, the games have increased in complexity, but they haven't abstracted away the details, you still have to manage every one of your units independently. That's fine at the start of the game when you have one or two cities, but as your empire grows the micromanagement burden becomes onerous. Who are you meant to be in Civ - are you the ruler of a mega civilisation or sergeant Bilko with his catapult squad or Fred the oil spillage cleaner?
I'm not saying they don't want a certain level of abstraction - but that I think they want to move away from the high "slider" level as it is - as has been pointed out several times.

I don't know why this has turned into "Civ does everything right" - but that's certainly not my opinion.

I fully agree that Civ 5 has too much micromanagment - but that has nothing to do with being tangible.

You can give players the option - and that's what I'd prefer.

Civ should have moved away from individual units long ago, and they should have armies composed of ranged, melee, artillery and so on instead.

Also, they should have done away with workers and copied what Call to Power did with a "resource pool".

But you should still have tangible control over how you develop your infrastructure and resources - as well as how you conduct warfare. You shouldn't be forced to do it - but you should definitely have the opinion.

If you truly prefer the "slider gameplay" in EU4 to something more tangible, then that's fair enough - I just doubt you represent the majority.

As for realistically portraying what it would be like to rule an empire - do you seriously meant to suggest that's MORE entertaining without things like warfare?

Realistically, the people in power make very few REAL macro-level decisions (they delegate based on council and choose between what informed people give them in terms of options) and almost no micro-level decisions. The rest of the time is spent maintaining their public image, enjoying power, sitting around eating luxury food and bedding young women. You think that makes for good gameplay? That's silly.

In EU - you're not REALLY playing a single ruler - you're representing all the key individuals involved in politics, diplomacy, research, warfare and so on. You're not imitating a single person in terms of a a "realistic" portrayal.




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