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August 1st, 2013, 17:08
I'm with Roq here. The game's strengths are what they are. I certainly wouldn't want a Dom battle system awkwardly thrown on top, and I think you'd see riots over at the Paradox forums if that happened. I actually like the combat system in most of the games as is, though I wish Vicky 2 had a decent supply system. I don't play Hoi, so that's the exception.

As for the debate on Paradox's level of innovation, I just think you're wrong. Compare upcoming EUIV with EU2, and you'll find an entirely different game. Compare Civ 5 with Civ 3, and the only major differences are one unit per tile, global happiness, and city states. The first two are steps back, and thelast, while good in theory, doesn't work quite right in practice. This is all my opinion of course. However, if you add in CK2 and Vic2, there's simply no comparison in terms of the sequels changing things up.
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