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August 1st, 2013, 21:39
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Shadowrun Identity is one of the latest and so far best mod announced for Shadowrun Returns.

The makers of the mod are looking for help. You can visit this forum post for more information. Credit and apologies go to Lucky Day for this late post.
np - I didn't think it was a big deal.

Originally Posted by mogwins View Post
Call Prof. Pessimistic, but aren't they going to run into all sorts of licencing/copyright issues with using published material?
I don't think this will be too much of an issue. It wasn't for NWN. The three items that were publcially mentioned were the porting of Dungeon Siege assets, and Jedi Knight assets at the same time KotOR was released. Maximus also complained about and rejected obvious MP3 hak paks.

Other than that there was lots of content and few complaints about content themes including Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, and Firefly. Any problems would be addressed almost immediately. LotR and Lucas are well known to be sue happy.

But still, its their intellectual property. The real problem is they can't afford to police every website so they have to pick their battles. In some cases I think they owners allow it as a tribute to creations. I would note:

Originally Posted by Falchor View Post
I'm actually coming from it from a different angle. It's one thing to use the sourcebooks as reference material when designing your mod (an approach I'm taking), but to just recreate whole pieces of pre-published content and slap your name on it seems—beyond any possible legal problems—just plain boring. I want to see some crazy, whacky adventure ideas that make the most of the setting but that have a singular vision and take on the Shadowrun mythos.

When I think back on some of the more successful mod adventures in NWN1, some of the best were those that tried to use the toolset to do new and interesting things that were too different or risky to be tried as a commercial endeavor. That's what I'm hoping to see from other user-generated content.
I'm hearing some complaints that its hard to get at a lot of the code, that its "hardcoded" meaning its locked beyond use. One interesting aspect is that modules can launch other modules and this allows the second module to use assets from the launcher. Kind of like a hak pak.

A lot of these quality content from NWN was from the online community trying to solve problems like persistence. If the Berlin DLC comes with MP, as well as unlocking a lot of internal content such as spell scripts, it could be quite something.
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