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August 1st, 2013, 21:56
This is a good place to remark, methinks, that I have in mind developing a CRPG system that anyone can use.

I've been frustrated about the lack of a free RPG system for CRPG development. Both d20 (PnP license now rescinded) and Pathfinder reserved the right for the license for use on computers.

My idea would be to develop an RPG and port it to computer for use free of charge granting the user the right to change anything they would like and allow use commercially. I'm not sure of the GNU license would work here in terms of code - I don't want to limit the developer.

Such a system would be modular in design and this would help it scale.

I've already purchased the URL opencrpg.com for this purpose.

A couple of old NWN folks I stay in contact with like the idea but we got bogged down in the wrong argument as per usual with these kind of projects: what language to use. One was concerned with being able to port it to Unity and a couple of others only knew Java. I think we settled on language agnostic but I think C++ makes more sense.

Regardless, that's just quibbling for now. My free time right now is focused on my Android App. I would really start on it sometime after that which could be a couple of months away.
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